Service Contract

Buying an automobile is often the second largest expense for individuals and families.  Protect your investment with an affordable vehicle service contract designed and tailored for your needs.
Vehicles are one of the fastest growing technological devices in the world.  Their mechanical systems are powered by sophisticated software and monitoring systems.  At the same time, vehicle repairs are growing more expensive while consumer transportation budgets are shrinking.
Our favorite customers walk into our service department with extended warranty contracts.  We don’t take the “oh no” approach, we understand that we are on the same team as our customer.  With only one goal, to repair the vehicle with the assistance of the contract, customers have a unique and enjoyable service contract repair.
We have processed thousands of repair claims and know which companies excel in the industry.
We sell service contracts from 5 companies, depending on coverage levels and pricing for the specific vehicle and customer budget. 
We offer every coverage level, from short term powertrain coverage to factory style exclusionary coverage up to 100k miles.   
Service contracts can be financed with the vehicle full term or short term with the contract supplier.
We only offer contracts that are accredited, offer nationwide coverage, come with roadside assistance, offer complimentary rentals, and have a proven record of hassle free claims.
All service contracts are eligible for package discounts when combined with environmental protection.
Purchased your vehicle somewhere else and want to get a quote, stop by or call us today.
Typical recent covered repairs performed at Chandler Automotive;
 - Engine $6,276
 - Transmission $4,294
 - Rack-n-pinion Steering $1,238
 - Keyless Entry $654
 - ABS Modulator Valve $1,709
 - Timing Chain $1,508
 - Water Pump $747